The European Society of Cardiology

    The CardiOncology Society of North America,

    Cardio-Oncology, an open access online journal

    Editorial on cardio-oncology from the inaugural issue of « Advances in Oncology       Research and Treatments« .

Resources for chemistry

    Prof Rowlands‘ lectures at Massey University


    AIST Spectral Data Base


    Derek Lowe’s blog on drug discovery and the pharma industry


      European Research Area Network on Cardiovascular Diseases (ERA-CVD)

     University of Strasbourg


     Alsace Biovalley

     Conectus Alsace

     Cancéropôle du Grand-Est

     European Cancer Center (EuCC)

     Institut National du Cancer

    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

     Association d’Aide à la Recherche et à l’Enseignement (A.A.R.E.C.)

    Laboratoires Français privés et publiques travaillant sur le cancer

    Tianjin University of Science and Technology ( 天津科技大学 )


     Association de Recherche sur le Cancer (ARC)

     Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale en France (FRM)


Art and chemistry

     The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus, by Joseph Wright of Derby, Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

     Butterfly Landscape (The Great Masturbator in a Surrealist Landscape with D.N.A.), by Salvador Dali.

     Alex Kobulnicky’s paintings.

     Molecular art. By David Goodsell.

     Molecular Modeling Gallery. CallTech molecular modeling gallery.

     Molecular Paintings and Art at Artist Rising. A division of inc.

     Dancing lizards. Cultivating science and artistry to bring together visualization.